Can You Really Meditate Through Childbirth?

When I first heard about hypnobirthing, the name itself gave me pause.  I have had reservations in the past about the “fixiness” of the hypnotherapy world, where one session can allegedly “cure” addictions and “heal” traumas… so I didn’t buy into the idea right away. After all, hypnosis through birth? Huh? Is that for real? […]

How do you “Do Endings?”

Here as we approach the end of the year, the end of our Powerhouse Entrepreneur Program – even the end of a life chapter for many of us – a special gift you can give yourself this time of year is tune into how you “do endings.” I once had a colleague who warned me […]

My Creative Process to Start a Podcast

BIG NEWS: I’m launching a podcast next week!  Introducing: Dog Moms Do Business, the podcast where two lifelong friends find sisterhood in business, life, and being crazy millennial dog moms!  I could go on and on about the joys of starting a podcast with your best friend of 20 years – and I probably WILL […]

Inconvenient Crises

In my latest Youtube video, I share with you not only the glorious first part of our babymoon trip to the magical place known as Iceland… but also how our trip was almost ruined. Dealing with crisis – especially when it comes at the WORST time imaginable – is something I have learned to adapt […]

Letting Go of the Past

Last week in the Powerhouse Program, I led the team through an exercise that remains one of the most transformational tools I have in my toolbox as a coach and CEO.  The exercise (and experience) is called Completion. You know those people, events, and circumstances that no matter how much time passes seem to continue […]

Redesigning our Life for Parenthood

Anyone who is preparing for parenthood and life with a baby knows that it’s all about navigating some BIG unknowns. Redesigning your life to accommodate an entire other human is a large undertaking. In the empty spaces in my time and mind lately, all I think about are questions. What’s our plan around the bicoastal […]

The Power of Travel

The day this blog post goes live, I am gallivanting through Iceland with my husband and round pregnant belly, soaking in a glorious week of baby-moon and birthday celebrations. Preparing for this trip as our last international travel until after the baby is born got me thinking about the significance of travel in my life. […]

Conscious Community Building

Last week, I opened my home to eight Powerhouse Entrepreneurs to spend a weekend relaxing, forming deep friendships, transforming inner obstacles into opportunities, community building, and stepping into their zones of genius to mastermind each other’s businesses to the next level. The weekend was like “walking through love,” as one participant described – curated to […]

Our Real Love Story

I was speaking this week with a dear friend about relationship trials we’ve waded through and are currently working through, and it made me realize something. At some point about 10 or so years ago, I stopped seeking support from my friends and family when going through things in my romantic life.  I brought the […]

Moving through Depression

My pregnancy has not been a walk in the park. (Whose is??) Nausea and exhaustion have been an ever-present part of my experience this whole first trimester — today officially marks 13 weeks!  The thing is, the most insidious symptom I’ve experienced so far is depression. On good days, I show up for clients, film […]