MEET Maddy

Ellen is the only person I’ve ever worked with who is able to meet me where I’m at in this moment AND stand for me to have the experience of life I dreamed of.”

I was once where you are now- trying to weigh the pros and cons of making the investment in working with Ellen. I was convinced that the value of money was higher than any “thought work” someone could teach me, and on top of that, I had a major deficit of trust. I lacked trust in myself, what I could create, the outside world, and by extension, Ellen. I went through all the steps of speaking to prior clients, talking it out with my family, giving myself lots of time to make the decision. In the end, I followed my gut and took a leap of faith.

I can now proudly say after 2 years of working together, that every moment of it was immeasurably valuable and shaped the amazing life I’m living today. Together, we have built a strong foundation of trust, love, and acceptance of myself; a connection with my essence and purpose that colors everything I do and create. While life continues to be the messy, complicated, crazy, beautiful experience that it is, I now have perspectives, tools, and beliefs that allow me to ride that wave instead of drowning in it. I truly believe that Ellen’s ability to hold non-judgmental, compassionate, and loving space for me week after week, proved to me I was worthy of that love when I didn’t believe it, and taught me how to do that for myself.

Her big heart is rivaled only by her sharp wit and keen intuition. Working with Ellen was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I will take the lessons I’ve learned from her with me for the rest of my life.”

-Maddy Stern
Soprano & Content Creator @SingwithMadeline (Tiktok) and @MadelineStern (Youtube)

MEET Katrina

“My takeaway from this experience is a mission statement for my life."

What have you accomplished in our 6 months of working together?

  • I signed up for a coaching program (never expected this!!)
  • I moved in with my boyfriend (huge for me!!)
  • A change in perspective — this gave me new conversations with friends that I would never have had 6 months ago, and new perspective toward my singing career
  • My relationships have expanded — my ability to communicate has changed for the better. I bring more questions into my life.
  • I gave a recital that was political and bold.
  • I auditioned for a musical and the Met.
  • I got my dream singing job in Vienna.
  • I trust myself more and practice more grace with myself.
  • I really believe in my own power, and I know I have the power to change my habits.
  • I have grown more confidence by seeing what I can create in 6 months.


What gifts has this experience given you?

  • Expanded self-knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a human
  • Greater sense of compassion, which expands my relationships
  • Sense of self-worth through our work on letting go of the shame, guilt, flagellation — can actually choose to not make it mean that things that reflect my worth
  • Having you (Ellen) in my life help me open up more than ever before and having a truly safe space helped all the other relationships in my life. You are a gift.
-Katrina Galka
World-Renowned Soprano & The Singer's Life Coach

MEET Tracy

“Our partnership has made miracles happen in my life, it can happen in yours too.”

I’d achieved so much from a humble upbringing and have so much to offer the world but I was stopping short. Do I even deserve more? What do I even want? If I try to have it all…I’ll have to do it all and then I’ll burn out? 

I operated my life from either having this or having that, but never both. Now I have both… and so much more too. And it keeps on growing… 

Working with Ellen has helped me work through so many limiting beliefs. I now have super clarity about my goals and dreams, so much awareness about where I stop, and such incredible structure and support to push beyond. Above all else I truly believe in and love myself for the first time in 40 years on this planet. And now, it’s all possible. 

We’ve worked through pain. We’ve worked through my excuses. We’ve worked through my unwillingness. Through it all Ellen has held me in a partnership that is centred around grace, compassion, belief, respect, play, trust, and so much humour and love. Our partnership makes miracles happen. We make the impossible seem not just possible but totally achievable. I cannot recommend Ellen highly enough. Hire her now.

-Tracy Playle
Content Strategist, CEO of Pickle Jar Communications

MEET George

“I was skeptical at first...but now I’m a believer. I’ve unlocked all that was once impossible and I can do it all without compromise!”

My experience working with Ellen has been transformational, although I do not think that word even remotely does it justice. On our very first call I remember being very confused on what I wanted in my life. All I knew is that my current situation was not it. She described the experience of having it all, not compromising and being able to be extremely fulfilled in every part of your life. I simply did not believe it.

The best and bravest thing I ever did was fully buy into our partnership. It has been 8 months and I now see what she means. Underneath all the self limiting beliefs, anxiety and defense mechanisms I have built over the years was me. It was not until I uncovered these things that I really got to get to know myself, realize how awesome I am and how lucky I am to live my life. For the first time in my life, I am able to live it in the most authentic version of myself possible. 

This has unlocked more career success, connection and joy in my life than I ever thought possible. My entire life is exactly the way I want it and I can accomplish anything I want without compromising on the things that are important to me. I have an enthusiasm about life that I never thought was possible. I have this beautiful blend of appreciation for where I am currently at yet driven to continue to build the things I want in my life. 

I owe this to my ability to do the work, be brave and vulnerable to create the life I want to live. Before any of this is possible, you must first make the choice that this is the life you want. My way of making that choice was enrolling in a partnership with Ellen. I’d highly recommend you do the same…

-George Hariri
Podcast Host, Co-Founder of Shared Practices Group

MEET Jacqueline

“The Powerhouse Entrepreneur [Program] was one of the most formative, incredible experiences I have had in my life in recent memory.”

“I did not know what to expect in so many ways, [but] I knew to expect that Ellen so masterfully planned this beautiful container for all of us to arrive, feel safe, feel taken care of, feel like all of our needs were met, so that we could spend our time connecting, learning, growing, and developing deep relationships… That is such a treat we don’t get in our adult lives – where we get to show up and get to be taken care of and just be. What I didn’t see coming was the depth of connection I was going to experience… The depth of friendship. Of fellowship with other business owners, who are walking through life like me trying to navigate their families, their relationships, their businesses, their clients… all of these things I felt I had to shoulder alone… It was such a powerful experience to feel so seen, accepted, to say what I needed to say or be what I needed to be. I didn’t have to put on a front for anybody there about who I am or the way that I wanted to show up. I could just be me and know that the other people in the room were going come from love and be responsible for themselves. That is such a gift that I could not have seen coming – this was unprecedented in my life. We got to the core of each other’s hearts. The worst part of this experience is leaving.”

-Jacqueline Nwankwo
CEO of Vine & Venture Virtual, Content Creator @JacquelineNwankwo (Tiktok)

MEET Michael

“What you will be doing here is this process of internal alignment to become the version of yourself that you dream about. The tools that Ellen provides to bridge that gap – they work very, very well. I cannot tell you how empowering it feels for me to be on that journey each day.”

“The Powerhouse Program is a masterclass in the collisions that happen between human connection and collective growth. Ellen has this way of digging deep down into the emotional heartspace and creating opportunities for us to become better people. It’s not just Ellen – everyone in the program is a genius within their own field. So what I found is that now I have this collective supergroup to ask any question at any time, and the answers I get are from experienced leaders who also align with the type of person and business owner I want to become. If you’re on the fence about joining this group program in the future, here’s what I can say: this is not information that you learned in school… So, my best guidance for you is to commit to yourself. Just push the button and it’s going to feel scary, but when you barely recognize yourself halfway through this program, you will thank yourself for making that investment.”

-Michael Sherman
Producer, Musician, and Technology Coach

MEET Tyler

To anyone fortunate enough to have Ellen as your coach, understand that your life will never be the same. And as scary as that may be, it might be exactly what you need.”

“When I started coaching with Ellen, I thought I was the last person on Earth that needed coaching. I had a truly powerful connection to the concept of growth and self-development. I had consumed tons of books and podcasts designed to help me grow as a person and entrepreneur and surrounded myself with idols who could bring me up in the world. I worked hard, and many considered me the portrait of work ethic and potential. Some even said they looked up to me and sought out my advice. So when the prospect of being coached came along, I did my best to politely decline so that I could go on about my life. Eventually, I caved and figured I would give it a chance to see what it could unlock for me, albeit with reservations about how “coachable” I was.

In short order, my world was rocked. From our first call together, the house of cards I had built was gently demolished. As we went through the call, Ellen helped me realize that my relationship with growth was productive, but not positive. I had long since established that for me to aspire to greater things, I had to have contempt for the person I was at any given time. It was through self-loathing and refusal to acknowledge myself that I snowplowed my way through my life and career. I had become my own bully, and I had weaponized this to great effect. Ellen saw this immediately and brought me back to reality. She showed me that throughout my life, I had been exchanging progress for satisfaction and joy. I had developed a skillset for crushing obstacles in my life that eroded every relationship I had, including my relationship with myself. The basal truth was that I was miserable, and the accomplishment of arbitrary goals and milestones was never going to change that.

Through the program, Ellen invented for me a new way to carry myself through life that eliminated the transactional relationship I had with joy and progress. I saw so many of my personal relationships enriched, and I was granted access to self-love I had never experienced before. Ironically, it was this change that resulted in massive strides in my career that I’m confident I wouldn’t have had otherwise. In retrospect, all the things that I thought made me “uncoachable” made me the perfect candidate, and Ellen’s ability to navigate through the walls I’d built around myself was astounding.

-Tyler Tolbert
Dentist Entrepreneur

MEET Katie

“Ellen has guided me through practices that have strengthened my marriage, changed my relationship with self-care, solidified my foundation in my faith and brought clarity and direction to my business."

“Serendipitous. If I had one word to describe the chance encounter with Ellen that led to countless personal and professional breakthroughs I have experience since working with her, this would be the word. At the beginning of our work, I thought I would complete some goal setting, hopefully gain clarity around my career and, with any luck, see business growth and success. But our work led to so much more. This work isn’t easy, but 100% worth it. She pushed me hard and called me on my crap which is just what a strong personality like mine needs. I can be my biggest cheerleader but also my worst enemy. Now, I start each day with a heart filled with gratitude and have replaced some of the phrase ‘I want’ with ‘I will’. I know that this is just the beginning of amazing things to come. To say I am grateful for our work is a vast understatement.”

-Katie Riggs
Chief Event Strategist with Riggs & Co


“It was a beautiful experience of friendship, mutual support, coaching, and a very transformative experience for me.”

“The Powerhouse Program… was so rejuvenating and energizing and sourcing for me as a business owner and as a person… It was 100% perfect for me in reconnecting to my purpose and having the noise and distractions of the day-to-day doing quiet down so I can reconnect with my vision of the future and get fully supported in very authentic ways by people who get what I’m going through… We each were seen and honored in our zones of genius and were able to support each other and celebrate each other for what we’re amazing at.”

-Jessica Lilly
Leadership Coach


“Most of all, she helped me to believe that anything that I wanted in life was truly possible, within my reach, and worth having.”

“I started working with Ellen based on the recommendation from someone I respect very much in my industry. My life wasn’t by any means in shambles, but I never realized how much better it could be until beginning coaching with Ellen. She is an amazing listener, keying into the nuances of my language and the energy I brought when discussing certain topics. She helped me get to the core of the beliefs that were holding me back. I have spent so much time focusing on professional growth in the years past, not realizing that personal growth was what was going to take my life and business to a new level of satisfaction, ease, and peace.”

-Paul Etchison
Dentist Entrepreneur, Content Creator @dr.pauletchison

MEET Nichole

“The work I’ve done with Ellen has transformed every facet of my life.”

“Ellen has transformed my life. Her support has been crucial in the breakthroughs I’ve had through working with her: graduating with the degree I wanted, singing a leading role in an opera, reinventing my relationships and career, and most importantly, fully embracing and loving myself at every point along the way.”

-Nichole Kelly
Mezzo-Soprano and Life Coach

MEET Lennon

“My big takeaway was the reminder that there are people in this world who do business out of a place of love, who are striving to live their life from abundance.”

“The Powerhouse Program Retreat was something I’m not sure I’ll ever forget… The real win was getting to be with all these incredible people. Ellen really was able to show what finding support looked like… Definitely would recommend to anyone in the future that you give this group a go.”

-Lennon Bone
CEO of Stop the Starving Artist, Content Creator @StoptheStarvingArtist

MEET Mariana

“If you work with Ellen, prepare yourself...her energy, passion, and dedication are palpable.”

Ellen is the definition of dynamo. Her passion for coaching is palpable, and I recommend her services to anyone needing coaching services. You can bet that in choosing to work with Ellen, you will reach whatever goals you seek to achieve.

-Mariana Padilla
CEO of Red Lab Marketing

MEET Richard

“Working with Ellen has helped me realize how much I get in my own way – with my mindset, with my reactions to things in the world and to my challenges. She’s helped me relate to myself in a new way that accesses what I really value, who I am as a person, and my strengths.”

“Working with Ellen has allowed me to find a new relationship with myself and bounce back a lot quicker when I… struggle and grow and try new things. Rather than feeling defeated by the breakdowns, she has helped me see that’s just part of the growth process. Ellen has helped me to be more aligned with the things that I value, and it’s pretty amazing when you can be in a moment and realize I can shift the way I am experiencing this moment on purpose, rather than just reacting to the situation. She’s given me the perspective and the ability to handle these challenges.

I have worked on a lot of personal development on my own. The difference here is… focusing on my relationship with myself and with my goals, working on breakthroughs in who I am and who I’m becoming. It’s much more introspective and personal rather than teaching me a set of skills that are already out there.

Ellen has a way of helping people get to the things that really matter in a non-confrontational way and help you live the life you really want to live. Not just in meeting goals or structuring my ideal day, but more like – can I feel satisfied with who I am as a person now and with what I’m working towards, and not waiting until some future point that you never reach because you’re always working towards it. It’s incredible the distance we’ve covered and the things we’re uncovered, and I’m so grateful.”


-Richard Low
Podcast Host, Co-Founder of Shared Practices

MEET Elizabeth

“I am much more centered and less frazzled about what I want. The clarity of vision is far more crystallized, and I am now more open to receiving that vision.”

Why did you do Ellen’s program?

“I did a [workshop] where you were talking about CEO-care that resonated, because I need to take better care of myself to function as an entrepreneur and human… And when I was… self-doubting, you were clear on all of my bullshit and you helped me push myself for what I wanted.”

What has been the biggest challenge of Ellen’s program?

“You… press buttons that I didn’t know existed, and it sets off the fear response that we all have to actually living out our big-vision, gorgeous dreams because we don’t feel like we deserve it.”

What would you say to someone who’s on the fence?

“Trust yourself. If this is right for you, you should do it. I think most people will find something valuable.”

-Elizabeth Gentner
Creativity Coach and Entrepreneur

MEET Jennet

“The container for engagement was laid out so clearly and safely, it was just always possible to drop into a deep conversation.”

“I think the most amazing thing about the Powerhouse [Program] was the chance to be in conversation with some of the smartest people I have been in a room with recently. It was so unhurried… It was always possible to have someone else listening. It was always possible to be present in the moment… I felt held and supported, and not having to be responsible for anybody else’s emotional or physical experience… It wasn’t my responsibility to manage anything… but my own experience. It was really a gift. That is not something a mother and a business owner and a grownup can get regularly.”

-Jennet Ingle
The Happiest Musician Entrepreneur & Author

MEET Lesley

“Through speaking with Ellen, her encouragement and digging deep into what makes me tick as a person has helped me realize what I really want to do and how to achieve it! ”

I first met Ellen in 2019 at a performance that we were both booked for. Not only is she a fantastic mezzo and colleague, however she is also a selfless, inspiring individual who cares deeply for her clients. She has been able to hone in on my true passion and strengths which in turn has inspired me to start my own business doing what I LOVE. I know that it will be a success as Ellen has given me the tools and motivation to make it so.

-Lesley Anselmi
Soprano and Career Consultant


“Coaching with Ellen and the Powerhouse program was the next most impactful and transformative experience in supporting my current business growth.”

“Through the support of Ellen’s powerful coaching, the caliber of people she brought together, and God’s timing of it all, the Powerhouse Program was the container I desperately needed to survive and continue working in and on my business during an incredibly difficult time. Beyond the practical aspects, the Powerhouse Program offered the love, encouragement, and emotional support for which I was starving. The in-person retreat transformed me in ways I can’t even express. I have continued to maintain relationships with several of the members, well over a year since the container ended. They have continued to cheer me on, provide guidance, and friendship as I have made this wild transition… out of ten years in an abusive marriage. Today I am calm, confident, and at ease. My business was in maintenance mode during the past year, while I rested and healed. Today, I have the capacity to look forward again and actively build. 
This group was my lifeline. I truly don’t believe I would be where I am now if I hadn’t participated in this group at the time that I did. If it can be this beneficial during a massive crisis, imagine what it can do for someone who just needs a little extra entrepreneurial community and coaching?”
-Emily Ruth Crinklaw
Women’s Holistic Health Coach