“Where focus goes energy flows.”

In my recent world, a two-sided coin. I feel that it is totally accurate and inspirational. It’s a true sentence. If I set my power and intention on the feelings and goals of my life, they will surround me. My frequency will be set to the radio station of prosperity.

Great, sounds good, let’s do it.

And (like everything) I’ve gone completely all-in with this mindset. I’ve reaped and preached the benefits.

But every now and then, I have to check my grip: am I holding onto outcomes too tightly? Am I only allowing myself a feeling of happiness or success if I’ve checked another goal off the list?





Obviously this little mantra has the potential to go sour if left unchecked. Goals are good. Goals are crucial. Goals propel us in the direction we desire for our lives. And they rest peacefully under the big, beautiful

u m b r e l l a


F O C U S.

Sometimes, with all my good intentions, I find myself sprinting like a racehorse, blinders and all, toward a goal. I get so enmeshed with the achievement of the goal that if it isn’t attained, I feel scorched, hurt, and with a sunburn on my soul. I get so burnt that I don’t realize that I’m still under the protective shade of my FOCUS umbrella, alongside my other hopes and dreams, often nearer to them for the “loss” of the initial goal.

So yesterday, we were supposed to move into our new home. A huge, beautiful goal that we had every reason to plan on and celebrate. And life happened. And we were delayed. While I’m still allowing myself the space to mourn the delay, I’m pumping myself up at every turn, reminding myself that there is still so much more to celebrate. Prying my little fingers off of that goal so that I can energize the whole of our atmosphere and keep vibing high.

Easy? Nope. Necessary? Extremely.

I’m trying to navigate this season with an open palm: ready to receive blessing but not clutching it, because I can only control my heart, intention and reactions. There is so much that is out of my hands. And so far, it’s been a massive challenge. Like watching a butterfly land l in your hand and then take off five minutes later-cherishing the beauty while it’s with me, but realizing that nature has its own course that it must follow.

I’m grateful to be able to share this process with you, beautiful beings. My hope is that in my experiences you might find a glimmer of encouragement to keep fighting the good fight and letting your beautiful souls shine blindingly bright. You are cherished and worthy.



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