Doesn’t it seem like everyone’s got a plane ticket right now?

Gas in the tank, bags packed, the expectation of joy and fun sizzling on the scalding summer pavement. I, for one, revel in it-echoes of my 12-year-old self longing for days of arid adventures followed by a pillow-y air-conditioned repose…summer vacation, maybe a little shorter or spread out throughout the warm months.

What is it that simultaneously pulls us out to the world and into our imaginations? This feeling that something inside us can only be unlocked by a divine rendezvous with nature or an uncharted territory…this undeniable magnetization toward the big, hot world.

I continue to marvel at how the seasons mirror the happenings of our soul; during summer my heart turns its face upward, as if expecting an ebullient, congratulatory embrace from the sun for having made it through the winter and growing so tall.

This breadth of heart and gleaming invitation of the globe gives us almost no choice but to explore, be it near or far. Almost as if the world knows we need this time to hang out all our thoughts from the past 8 months to dry in the searing desert sun while we venture into the cool, drippy pathways of a cave nearby. The space to examine in full daylight, and the safety to know we can come right back to it if we want to take a break and go play.

Safe examination, joyful examination, healing our hearts without judgement or regret.

And when we find new corners of the outside world, we so often have that uncanny experience of lighting a new corner of our own beings, corners that needed the light from a new outside place.

And all of this-exploration, examination, travel-is, of course, to anchor us to ourselves. To acknowledge our true, peaceful hearts, a little vial of sand to remind us of the warmth and beauty of summer when we cuddle up against a snowy thought, months later. The yin to the rest of the year’s beautiful yang. My sweet friends, I ask this week that you allow for all kinds of exploration and examination as we wade knee-deep in July and August.

Enjoy, freely, the brightness and warmth so freely offered. Retreat into the shade when you need, and be restored.

As always, big love, my dears.

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