In our world of high speed LTE connection, we don´t often use this word regarding tech. I´ve been thinking on it though:

S T A T I C.

Stationary, noise, salt and pepper. Directionless. Fruitless. Nothing but annoying sound that I try frantically to end. Static that blurs my thoughts and creates chaos in my already 100 mph brain.

Sometimes, static looks like an endless, propaganda-esque loop of “Where should I be?” or “My friends from grad school are all employed at ___” or “I´ll never achieve X without sacrificing Y…”

The toxicity is screamingly evident, especially when it manifests as roadblocks to our artistry. If we allow un-programmed auto-pilot to set in, this static will escort us right into an audition. It will sabotage practice sessions. Negative static will become part of our art when it has absolutely no business anywhere near that sacred space. Left unchecked, it will remain an unwelcome houseguest that slowly saps our creative energy.


how about programming resonant thoughts, dear ones?

How about consciously replacing the bad feedback loop with empowering truth?

Our inner-monologue has everything to do with our well-being and health, not to mention creative success. I have seen the power of self-talk transform finances, careers, relationships and health.

And yes, it´s as good as it sounds!

The truth is, we sometimes need a little guidance. After so many cycles of toxic, unfocused loops playing in our minds, it can be real hard to say true, loving things about ourselves. Fear not! There is an abundance of tools available to help create a focused, grounded, and resonant mindset. I´m talking books upon books, podcasts, articles, the community of supportive colleagues and family, prayer, meditation…a veritable cornucopia of love!

So here´s where static kicks the bucket: YOU, beautiful soul, choose an alternative Every. Single. Day. You choose to silence the lies and amplify the truth throughout your entire being, letting it reverberate through the most shadowy corners of your body. Armour yourself with resonant truth, my friends. Choose it and fight for it.

Because, at the end of the day, you are your best champion, and you decide what loop will play in the morning.

Ready to reprogram? CLICK HERE for this week´s video and get ready to roll, baby.

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