So my daily news email told me that it’s going to be a scorcher this weekend. Having recently returned from Europe where their heatwaves are most often N.O.T. mitigated by AC, I am planning on taking full advantage of my temperate abode during the burn.

Have you ever done a stretch of time during the hot summer months without AC? I’m talking not even coffee shops or grocery stores. Just, hot, inside and out. I have, and I can tell you that my initial reactions were pretty dramatic. (#notproud) I felt my heart wilting, my attitude drooping, and my energy falling. And I wasn’t the only one; our whole family was swinging low for the first 24 hours, and and my expectations required some serious adaptation.

And after the first day or so, that’s exactly what took place. After we had all accepted the heat, we adapted. Gonna sweat a lot? Let’s wear cotton. Too hot to fall asleep? Peppermint essential oil after an evening shower. “Double up on water. Let’s buy some hats. Maybe we could travel earlier in the day.” We built a sort of camaraderie as we fought to overcome the burn. And the trip was even a little sweeter for it.

And since this is a blog, obviously my little soul found some strong themes in that experience. I think on the times when my heart experiences a heat wave. Just like a pot of boiling water, some initially unwelcome feelings and beliefs rise to the surface of my consciousness. Whether they are hard truths or hardcore lies I’ve crafted about myself, there’s something about an emotionally heated situation that drives our hidden thoughts to the surface.

It’s taken me awhile to realize but, man, is this a gift.

These hot seasons cause us to sweat and purify and sit in the soul sauna for a spell. Do they feel uncomfortable? You bet. Do they sometimes even hurt? Yup. Do they last longer than we want? Often! But in my experience, whether or not they’re welcome, these heat waves come when we need them most. They allow us to adapt and heal in ways that we potentially wouldn’t have found otherwise.

H E A T creates space for us to grapple with sub-dermal and subconscious thoughts that we wouldn’t see at a comfortable temperature.

So if this weekend gets hot for you, I invite you to simply sit in the proverbial sun for a bit. If you start to sweat, don’t worry; see what comes out. It’s all safe and all good, dear ones.



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