Hey gorgeous people!

This week we’re comin’ in hot with some practical tools to implement your goals. Each of us has our own motivational fuel, so I’m including a variety of ideas in hopes that one of them sparks your flame! Some of them are methods that I personally use, others are genius tips that have been shared with me by clients. Consider it a smorgasbord of options for your perusing pleasure.

1. MIT’s: Most Important Tasks

It’s best to tackle your most pressing or challenging tasks right off the bat. Plain and simple. Unless you prefer to spend the day in dread. You guys know my grandma called it “snake-killing.”

2. Establish Clear Goals

You need to know exactly what you’re going for in order to make a clean game-plan. Take the time to flesh out what you’re going for so that you can support your efforts accordingly.

3. Make a To-Do List the Night Before

Set yourself up to begin your work day with clear focus and building on the momentum you created the day before.

4. Exercise. Every. Morning.

Structure, endorphins, self-confidence, ownership…what better way to frame your day? For me this is a non-negotiable. Cardio, yoga, strength…I mix it up so I don’t get bored, but I thankfully acknowledge my body every day.

5. Get a Mentor.

No one can do it alone. Whether for guidance when you’re stuck, inspiration when you’re feeling low, or just to cheer you along the marathon, you need someone who’s on your side and a specialist. It can be intimidating to approach leaders in your field, but no one can help you if you don’t ASK. Go out on a limb, baby.

6. Journal

Reflection on and reflection of your progress is crucial. It also helps you decompress if you’re feeling overwhelmed. And document victories as they come!

7. Get an Accountability Partner

This could be a mentor or a fellow goal-chaser! Many people benefit from knowing that they will have to share whether they’ve met their weekly/monthly goals.

8. Set an Email Window

If you try to respond to emails as they come, it’s easy to become distracted. Give yourself 30 minutes to an hour at the end of each day for correspondence, and keep your email notifications off for the rest of your workday.

9 Try Handwriting Your Schedule

When you’re juggling many tasks and appointments, the act of handwriting can be a slick trick to double-program your brain. The visualization of a word written on a physical piece of paper registers in your mind differently than just programing it into a phone.

10. Experiment and find the time-management system that works for you.

There is no “one-size-fits-all.” Have fun with a new planner or app to get your creative juices most efficiently flowing!

Take what you want, leave what you will. My hope is that you find a bit of inspiration to GET ROLLING.

Y’all rock. Keep on keepin’ on, loves!



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