This week we’re talking R E S O U R C E S.

I’m splitting up my top 5 book recommendations for you to reinvent your money mindset and personal finances between this article and this week’s video.

Here, we’ll discuss just the hot picks for personal financing — how to build your financial literacy and strategy to make the most of the money you earn and set goals to grow.

These books offer many different and contrasting strategies, which was intentional on my part.

Throughout my journey to build six figures in savings for real estate purchases, consistently build my retirement investments, wisely allocate investments to higher risk portfolios, maximize credit card benefits while increasing my credit score, and pay off all student debt with my partner, I have used different strategies at different points along the way.

Sometimes, I’ve followed a frugal, tight budget in order to save as much as possible, and I felt empowered to put that money away for future purchases. Sometimes, I was empowered pull from savings to invest back into myself in order to level up my goals and increase my income. I’ve worked with a number of financial advisors and wealth managers, who all operated from unique perspectives, and I’ve read dozens of books that all claim that their strategy is the best.

No one’s perspective or best-selling book is perfect or one-size-fits all.

Your money is a tangible expression of what you create in and contribute to the world, so ultimately it’s your responsibility to do your research and put a stake in the ground about what you want to do with it. Therefore, in my opinion, it’s your responsibility to read a diverse array of personal finance books, have consultations with multiple investors and advisors, and set “S.M.A.R.T.” personal goals.

**AND** Finances are also a beautiful place for you to gain partnership, support, and expertise from those you trust to help you go above and beyond what you could do on your own. Hire a planner or manager, open investment accounts for a professional to manage, and come up with a long term plan.

The biggest mistake I’ve seen is when someone feels the need to either manage all her money alone and figure it out by herself, or when they hand over all the power to someone else.

Breakthrough the tired and incessantly reinforced mindset of “either/or” and choose “both/and” for you and your financial impact. You’ll see that breakthrough reflected everywhere in your life once you do.

And now, without further ado, here are my 5 personal finance book recommendations (in no particular rank) to read to build your financial literacy and diversify your strategies to expand your wealth:

1. Your Money or Your Life (Robin, Dominguez)

These 9 steps to financial independence offer excellent foundations for any income or understanding. Super thorough, simple, and impactful — I’ve used some of their practices and suggestions for years as I gained confidence and acuity in my finances!

2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Kiyosaki)

In this really compelling story that carries with it lots of sound advice, you’ll learn about acquiring assets, managing risks rather than avoiding them, entrepreneurship, and common mistakes that cost your longterm wealth.

3. The Millionaire Next Door (Stanley, Danko)

This book pulls the curtain back on living a moderate lifestyle while generating wealth through clever spending and savings habits. With a simple formula to maximize your full financial potential and live beneath your means, this is a classic model of the”saver” strategy.

4. Unshakeable (Robbins)

Larger-than-life business strategist and speaker Tony Robbins offers his 4 core pillars to investing, which advocate seeking low-risk, high-reward investment returns. This book is a great building block to developing your literacy and confidence in advancing your cash capital.

5. Total Money Makeover (Ramsey)

If you among the majority of Americans who carry debt and haven’t yet managed to pay it off, this book is a top seller for a reason. Although in my opinion he operates from a conservative “play it safe” kind of mindset, he is a great balance for someone who’s struggled with living beyond their means and needs to reset for growth.

Enjoy reading, my darlings! I’ve included all the links directly to Amazon, and some of these books go for as little as $5 — a steal for the value you’ll walk away with.

And be sure not to miss this week’s video, linked below, on my 5 top MONEY MINDSET books that are *crucial* to empowering your relationship with money as the spiritual, energetic currency of your gifts and talents that it is! Attract more money to your life, relate to what you have from abundance, and more from these great reads!

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