Leading well means leading with Authenticity.

Whether you’re leading a Fortune 500 or you’re an entrepreneur blazing your own trail, leading others and being centerstage is often a nerve-wracking experience.

We perfectionists (and that includes both men and women!) think we have to look perfect, perform perfectly, and practice perfectly what we preach to avoid shame, blame and judgement, and maybe worse of all…FAILURE.

If that rings true for you, your organization, or your group of executives, a Perfectionist to Powerhouse Corporate Workshop is for you!


These workshops are tailor made to fit into the ecosystem of your business. I work with executives and leadership teams to develop workshops that help boost their company’s productivity, ________, and _____________, and a host of other ___________.


Workshops are also available upon request to provide specific training for artists, musicians and singers, and actors.

How It Works

Let’s set up a Discovery Call to determine your specific needs and the array of options

I can provide the exact training you need..