You’re building invisible bridges.

“Lennon, what the eff do you mean? I make ART – not bridges…”

It’s a flipping metaphor, OKAY?! Now, let’s hug it out and get to the real stuff. 🤗

You are an artist. A creative. A maker of things.

Let’s be real for a second, while we get pegged as the broke turds in the room who will never make ends meet, we are also the people who make ideas happen. People look to us in awe because they “wish they were creative”. They “wish they could do what we do.” And then of course, they say it’s not a real career path – but that’s really just their own fear talking. We’ll get to that a different day.

Why do people look at creatives and wish they too were more creative? Why do they see the things we make and think differently about themselves and the world?

Here’s my theory.

Because we built a freaking BRIDGE, that’s why.

*Note – You might not align with this idea, and that’s totally okay. I don’t expect everyone to. But for those of you that do, please read on, as I think this may be the most important and simple idea I’ve ever had.

As creatives, the things we create connect people to:

and a whole crap ton of other stuff…

The tricky thing about bridges.

Not all bridges are created equal. Some are sturdy beautiful structures. Some need work to make people feel safe crossing them. Others are simply us being gracious enough to place our jacket over a mud puddle so that someone doesn’t get their feet wet when they cross.

They can look like a ton of different things, and be done a ton of different ways, but one thing is for sure. To be a builder of invisible bridges, you must think about what you’re trying to connect people to. You must think about the person crossing. You must have them in mind above yourself.


The clearer the path, the more rewarding the journey.

Build bridges. Every. Single. Day.

Before you get your undies in a ruffle, I’m not saying you shouldn’t create things for yourself. The FARTHEST from it. ALWAYS make stuff that’s JUST for you, but also make things that you hope will be for others as well. ESPECIALLY if you want to build a career from your creative work or have a community that surrounds and supports what you do.

Always start by making things that you enjoy – then ask yourself, how could this be a bridge for someone else? What could it connect people to? In what ways do I want to affect the world differently? How can I communicate that clearly and simply?

I mean, this idea of a bridge, this blog post – IS A BRIDGE!! 🤯 I build this little bridge today because…

My vision is to connect the world through creativity. Not alone… no no no. With the help of the visionaries. Other creatives, artists and makers. People like YOU.

Why do I want to do that?

The world is already full of “influencers”. People who simply want attention for the sake of attention. That is NOT what the world needs right now.

More than ever, our world needs connection… and in my mind, nothing has the power to bring people together more than people like you. Your ideas. Your experiences. Your beliefs. Your hope. You can build bridges every single day with your art, your content, your emails, your day to day conversations.

ALL OF IT IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD A BRIDGE that helps someone else get to where they want to go.

All you have to do is commit to be an invisible bridge builder, and fall in love with the process of creating connections with the world around you.

So go build a bridge today. I know I will.