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[the roller coaster called motivation]

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Motivation, to me, is like one of those old, wooden roller coasters that jostles you left and right so hard you get whiplash, all while rattling your brains to a soft scramble on its rough, uneven tracks. The energy required to stay organized and committed to my goals on a consistent, daily basis often looks like the same exciting peaks and deep, heavy valleys of those wooden relics — and leaves me feeling exhausted, a little queasy, and un-enthused when I step off the ride. 

As a follow-up to last week’s video on musicians and mental health, this week’s video addresses how to get and stay motivated once the foundation of well-being is laid.

Want to know something funny though?

I think motivation is bullshit.

Yep, you read that right.

So why make a video about it?

Because I know the Ellen from 5 years ago — and maybe someone else out there — struggles against, fights with, and resists the hell out of *consistency* and would search for this kind of video for herself. 

Motivation is a feeling. And feelings can  change with the wind, right? So if we only ever do something when we feel like it, then that’s life on the roller coaster. Some days feel like we’re soaring and having the time of our lives, and others we feel deflated and burdened by the weight of our commitments.

So how do we get off the ride?

Motivation, which I would rename momentum, comes from a thousand little *choices* grounded in my commitments, not my feelings.

I break it down into three pieces:

1. My well-being is my #1 priority every. single. day.

2. I have a daily, weekly, and monthly plan.

3. I have accountability from my life coach and rewards for myself for following the plan.

Motivation, which I would rename  momentum, comes from a thousand little *choices* grounded in my commitments, not my feelings.

This applies to my health and fitness, my singing, my relationship, my life coaching practice, my houseplant and dogmom duties, my finances, and pretty much everything else in my life that begs for daily, weekly, and/or monthly action.

As I reclaim some normalcy this week after the heartbreaking loss of my grandmother last week, I know I’m going to need to pay *particular* attention to #1 on my list: my well-being.

From that filled tank and that space for feelings to be expressed, I can get my needs met while also making small choices and taking small actions that will make a big impact on who I am committed to being in the world. 

At the end of the video, I share a really powerful exercise that I use with clients to assess what’s in the way of your momentum {ok, fine, you can also call it motivation} and how to close that gap. 

Watch and implement, my dear friends. 

With well-being, deep feeling, and massive action,


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