Join Your Community of Leaders & Massively Level-Up Your Wealth, Impact, & Joy

(without working harder, longer, faster than you are now!)



/pou()r hous/

A 10-month mastermind and group coaching program for entrepreneurs ready to build their empires and dream lives.

If you’re a Powerhouse Entrepreneur you know how to get shit done and you’ve got the scars and trophies to prove it.

BUT, you also probably know Powerhouses who run on fumes and are on a fast track to exhaustion and burnout.
(Maybe you’ve been one yourself.)

Do you dream of making a bigger impact, scaling your business, and upping your game?

Do you look toward the future and wonder how you could play a bigger game, without sacrificing ease, joy, or passion?

Do you feel stuck in the day-to-day while others are living their best fucking lives on the white sand of the Carribean?

Fellow Powerhouse, you know you’re meant for more!

Sound familiar? Keep reading!

I see you friend, and I know you.

I bet…

You’ve already experienced success, but now you’ve plateaued and you’re really taking a deep look at what’s the higher level expression of your leadership, gifts, and life purpose.

You know the sky’s the limit, and you’re ready, but the “how” stands in your way.

You have achieved what seemed impossible to your younger self, and now facing this new impossible dream is bringing up some of your old demons of self-doubt, grinding hard, and resistance to setting a new normal.

You wonder if you might be the bottleneck in your business preventing it from next-level success.

You feel isolated in your journey as a solopreneur or small business owner, and you’re hungry for the support, challenge, and wisdom of like-minded powerhouses.

Here’s the tough-love truth...


You need to connect with a different energy source.

Because the truth is…

You know you’re already working as hard as you can, and the answer can’t be “just work harder.”

‘Cause that’s bullshit.

Guess what?

I’ll let you in on ‘another’ little secret…

Your next breakthrough CANNOT come at such a high personal cost.
(You don’t want to roll back down the hill you just scaled, right?!)

This may sound crazy, but the ONLY way to build your dream business is to ALSO build your dream life at the same time.

You don’t have to...

Instead, all that’s required for your next breakthrough is...

Are you ready to stop coasting at “good enough” and step into the extraordinary? Isn’t it time to kick fear, lack of clarity, and overwhelm in the ass so you can make the impact you REALLY want to make on the world?

I’ve coached dozens of entrepreneurs reach past their limiting beliefs, gain clarity on
what they want…and grab hold of their dreams.

And guess what?

100% of them have had

For example (in just the last year)...

One man transformed his relationship with himself and others, and went from being single to engaged in 6 months

Another woman tripled her revenue in one year, and works less than she did before

Singers have skyrocketed their incomes and performance schedules in A-houses while building the relationships and families they’ve always wanted

And several have breezed past the seven-figure mark in their businesses and learned to trust themselves and take their teams at a whole new level

If they can do it…

So Can YOU!

Just think.

If you were able to set aside all the disempowering beliefs that play on repeat in your head, you could start finding new clarity, vision and purpose in EVERYTHING YOU DO!

Soon you could…

I believe you deserve that!

Don’t you think it’s time for you to experience the breakthrough you’ve been building towards?

But before I get too carried away,
let me introduce myself…

I’m Ellen Broen.

I’m a life coach and an opera singer.

I’m also your biggest cheerleader.

I work with high-performing creatives and entrepreneurs who are committed to scaling up their careers, impact, and joy.

I’m living proof that this works!

In addition to helping my clients achieve the businesses and the lives of their dreams, I’ve applied the exact same mindset breakthroughs and business strategies I teach, to my own life and career.

Last year, I was where I didn’t want to be. I was at a 3-year plateau (at $80k/year), had frequent panic attacks, felt under-supported despite being surrounded by support, and didn’t know how to apply my internal breakthroughs to external results.

HOWEVER, this year my business will hit the $250k/year mark, I have a rock-solid foundation of well-being, I grew a totally new level of partnership with my husband, team, and support system, and I’m pinching myself. It all feels too easy to be real.

I believe you deserve that!

I’ve been able to do all this and not have to choose between building the career of my dreams and finding creative fulfillment through singing. I’ve experienced adventure through world travel, and the luxury of lazy Sunday mornings curled up with my husband and my dog. Instead of having to pick one or the other, I know I can have IT ALL!

I can help you unlock all the possibilities and experience

the domino effect of realizing your life’s goals!

Let’s Begin Your Breakthrough Journey Today


If you own your own business, and you want to position yourself as a thought-leader in your field, and desire to make a big impact, then you are meant for this group. My intention is for the group to have a diverse array of business industries and models to enrich the depth of training.

As with everything, what you put in equals what you get out of it. At a minimum, each participant will meet for the weekly 90-minute call and complete approximately an hour of workbook exercises and practices. At most, the participants will engage actively in a group chat to support and hold each other accountable, and dive even deeper into the exercises with additional reflection, and fully integrate their coaching practices by taking action in their business.

We begin in August 2020, and will finish at the end of May 2021.

Maybe! As of right now, we are planning to conduct all three retreats virtually… but if circumstances change and the entire group is aligned, we might get crazy and plan a trip together!

No. This was actually the decision of your fellow participants in the group, who said that they want to lean fully into their teammates without questioning each other’s commitment. They are all-in, and they ask that all participants be committed to fulfilling the entire program.

Yes. At the start of the program, we will establish a crystal clear code of confidentiality, where we agree to protect the details of each other’s vulnerable shares, financials, and business systems that will be disclosed throughout the program.

Early Bird discount ends July 1! Ask me for details!

I wanna be an early bird?

“But Ellen, I’ve done lots of online courses before that promise big results and personal breakthroughs. How can I be sure this one is any different?”

I totally understand! I’ve invested close to 6-figures in my own personal and professional growth through online courses, group masterminds, life and business coaching and leadership training programs. But there are several key differences in THE POWERHOUSE ENTREPRENEUR program that stands apart from anything else you’ve signed up for in the past.

You’ve gotta have skin in the game.

This is truly a what-you-put-into-it-will-determine-what-you-get-out-of-it sorta course. But never fear, I have safeguards built in to help you keep track of your own progress. Plus you’ll receive lots of encouragement from me and our group to keep you moving forward throughout the course.

The Snowball Effect.

You’re going to start seeing subtle changes (at first), and then they will become more pronounced. The momentum you’ll gain from this program is truly only the beginning. Just like a snowball that picks up speed as it rolls downhill, you’re gonna see rapid rewards for all your hard work, and you’ll want to keep experiencing more of it!

You won’t be doing it alone!

No one is on an island in this program. (Unless you’re in Hawaii or Barbados, and in which case, can we come to you?!) You’ll be among a community of equals what will encourage you in your progress, and you in theirs! You’ll be inspired and challenged in new ways that will be PRICELESS!

THE POWERHOUSE ENTREPRENEUR helps you realize that not only are your dreams possible, but once attained, you’ll begin to truly believe in your own limitless possibility!

“Ellen, this sounds amazing, but my plate is already full, and I don’t think I have time for “one more thing!”

I get it. Time fills up quickly for all of us. But what if the very thing that’ll simplify and streamline your business and life is a breakthrough in how you use your time? Life is really about making choices. You can look at it like it’s “one more thing on your plate,” or you make it THE thing that makes all the difference on how you spend your time from here on out. This program will bust up your perceived limitations around time.

“I know I need to invest in myself and my business to get to the next level. But this financial investment feels a bit too ‘out there’ for me right now.”

Oh friend, believe me I understand! There’s no question that the investment needs to fit with your life, but chances are if you’ve read this far, you KNOW this is for you. You are simply at a crossroads that every business owner reaches when they know it’s time to bet on themselves to make this work. I’m not a betting woman, but I am a businesswoman. And as such, I’m ready to bet on you and your business. The question is, are you?


How the POWERHOUSE ENTREPRENEUR Will Transform Your Life

By the conclusion of this 10-month program, you will…


That’s the secret sauce, my friend.

A WIN on the inside works it way outside.

That is the BREAKTHROUGH we’re after.

Here’s How it Works

The FIRST STEP to becoming a POWERHOUSE ENTREPRENEUR starts when you sign up today.

Inside you’ll enjoy all the “Insider” benefits including...

Three 90-minute T-times per month

Get the tools, training, transformation you need to start building your dream empire and life!

Phone Support

A total of ten 30-minute one-on-one calls with me OR five 60-minute one-on-one calls to get support where you really need it.


Get connected and create a support structure with 10 other like-minded people to be trained and held accountable to fulfill your goals (both personal and professional).

Weekly/monthly practice

Not just theoretical knowledge, but practical application of what you’re learning. Each month a new participant will serve as the team leader.

Coach Accountable

A comprehensive project/coaching work/well-being management tool, with built-in accountability and customized alerts for next action steps, metric tracking, journal writing, as well as easy communication with me, scheduling, and payment setup.

Weekly context shift guided exercises

A completely original breakthrough workbook (that we’ll call our Courage Journal) will be used to shape joy-based and empowered mindsets along with pragmatic practices for scaling your business.

10 monthly trainings from outside experts

All the marketing and content strategy help you need for your business including, websites and branding, visibility on social media, leadership team coaching, defining core company missions and values, creating thriving masterminds and accountability communities, building systems, and much more!

Monthly book club

Further expounding on our weekly themes, we’ll also learn together with personal and professional development books, specially catered to the growth edges of our group

Three virtual retreat team building and group masterminds

Strategically placed at the beginning, middle, and end of our mastermind. Each one will harvest each other’s areas of genius.

Group WhatsApp/Slack channel

For added connection and spot support when you need it most.

August 2020 through May 2021